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Our current main 25-man raid times are:
Tues-Wed-Thurs from 8-11PM CST.

Additionally, whenever we have enough players online on the other days of the week (at least one day, but potentially any or all of the other four days), we run a ten man group of our highest performing players to clear up whatever is left over. Entry into this raid is by personal invitation only.

Exceptional Applicants for all classes will always be considered for entry into our 25-man progression team.

Thank you for your interest in First in Hell!

Death Knight Death Knight Frost
Druid Druid Resto, Balance, Feral
Hunter Hunter Open
Monk Monk Mist
Paladin Paladin Holy, Ret
Priest Priest Holy
Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Ele, Resto
Warrior Warrior Prot
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First in Hell of Mok'Nathal
18 year minimum age requirement (under 18 chances are extremely slim that you will be invited. Read the rules), and a working microphone. If you do not have a functional microphone for Vent, you may be invited to guild, but will not be eligible to raid until a mic is obtained. First in Hell completely understands our members' real-life obligations. We value maturity, but are unquestionably chill.
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Dead Bug is Dead
11/11/2012 01:22 AM by Euxdsia

Congrats to everyone that was in during the fight, and huge thanks to everyone that progressed on this with us, even if you weren't in for this kill. Looking forward to killing him on 25-man! Normally I wouldn't be uploading a screenshot of a 10-man kill at all, but we definitely needed something new up here.

In other news, we are still recruiting! Apply here!

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